Award Winner


real-time, in-situ, water meter testing

1st place in Innovation regional showcase

Metercheck in action




  Metercheck Brochure





Metercheck in action video - Quick and easy Metercheck test 




Metercheck test - from start to finish 


  • Download details of all meters to be tested (daily/weekly/monthly) to the Metercheck from the water company’s database.

  • When operative arrives at a meter, the meter is selected from the downloaded Metercheck list.

  • Operative holds probe on meter body presses and presses the start button.

  • The test lasts 30 seconds with any measurable flow.

  • Red or green light result is displayed on the Metercheck screen immediately on completion.

  • Test result, time and date are automatically stored in the Metercheck with the meters details for later upload to the water company’s database.



Faults identified with an in-situ Metercheck test include: 


  • Manufacturing defects

  • Damage caused in shipping

  • Installation damage

  • Damage from pipe-borne debris




Metercheck unique features 


  • Quick and simple test of in-situ meters

  • Non-extractive, non-invasive

  • Immediate test result, automatically stored for later download

  • Portable, light-weight IP67-rated hand-held device

  • GPS and utility GIS integration option

  • Suitable for all positive displacement and multi-jet meters up to 40mm