Award Winner


real-time, in-situ, water meter testing

1st place in Innovation regional showcase




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Metercheck - water meter quality control


Click to enlarge images of the IP67 rated ruggedised Metercheck tool



Metercheck - Benefits for water companies


Faulty meters provide faulty data, distorting analysis for OFWAT reports and misinforming major financial and operational decisions.


An economical post-installation Metercheck test of meters can help provide robust data, facilitating cost-effective decisions on:


  • Real-time water balance operations
  • Leakage detection and mitigation

  • Capital expenditure, including mains repair and renewal

  • New water source requirements

  • Future meter replacement strategy



Metercheck - Quality control benefits to contractors


A quick, economical post-installation Metercheck test benefits contractors by;


  • Monitoring the performance of installers

  • Enhancing the quality control aspects of future tenders.

  • Enhancing the innovation aspect of future tenders